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  • Die Rhön - Land der offenen Fernen
    Die Rhön - Land der offenen Fernen Video: Rhön GmbH

The digital tour guide of the Rhön 

"The land of open distances" - a promise that the Rhön definitely keeps. Because time and again you will be surprised by incredible panoramic views on your tours. Even the highest peaks are easily accessible: The Wasserkuppe, at 950 meters the highest mountain in the Rhön, the Kreuzberg, the Hohe Geba - they all offer you unforgettable trips.

Let yourself be inspired by our suggestions and find your favourite tour!

"Das Land der offenen Fernen"

Ein Versprechen, das die Rhön jederzeit einhält. Denn immer wieder werdet ihr auf euren Touren von unglaublichen Weitblicken überrascht. Selbst die größten Erhebungen sind gut erreichbar: Die Wasserkuppe, mit 950 Metern der höchste Berg der Rhön, der Kreuzberg, die Hohe Geba – sie alle bieten euch unvergessliche Ausblicke.

Lasst euch hier von unseren Vorschlägen inspirieren und findet euer nächstes Ausflugsziel!

For everyone - the Extratouren

The Extratouren hiking trails invite you to a variety of day trips: a carefully assembled selection of circular hiking trails. Their lengths are between seven and a more than twenty kilometers, and all of them bring you closer to impressive natural spectacles or historic sights. Many of the Extratouren can be reached by public transport.

Current road closures and their diversions

Activities in nature bring their own challenges and dangers. Due to the risk of windbreak, silviculture or other causes, it may be necessary to close hiking trails and, if possible, to signpost a detour.

Contact to the destination

Do you have any questions, suggestions or complaints? - Your direct way to us is here:

Rhön GmbH - Gesellschaft für Tourismus & Markenmanagement

Rhönstrasse 97

97772 Wildflecken-Oberbach

Telephone: 0800 9719771



Funded by the European Union and the Free State of Thuringia with ERDF funds

We thank the European Union and the Free State of Thuringia for their support in creating the Rhön tour portal. The realization was made possible by the ERDF funds made available.

As part of the funding project "Zusammen aktiv unterwegs - am Besten in der Thüringer Rhön", the Rhön GmbH pursued the goal of enhancing the hiking trails of the Rhön, especially those of Thuringia, with good texts and images and publishing them digitally.

The goals within the project were and are:

  • the presentation of the Thuringian Rhön as an active tourism region,
  • the increase in "desirability" and a sharpening of the profile of the Rhön destination,
  • an increase in the number of visitors and the associated added value,
  • the move away from "arbitrary marketing", and
  • creating sustainability for newly created tourist infrastructures.

The project was implemented through the production of text and image material for 30 hiking trails in the Thuringian Rhön. This material is used in the Rhön touring portal. The creation of this tour portal is another measure carried out within this funding project.

We thank all partners who participated during the project and look forward to all those who we will win for a partnership .